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Who Can Join (Eligibility)

SUMA FCU membership is not for everybody. It is not available to the general public. It's exclusive to the members of our sponsor organization - Ukrainian-American Youth Association - Yonkers Branch, Inc.


Member Requirements of the U.A.Y.A. - Yonkers Branch, Inc.:

Full Member:

As a full member...

  • Your child/children/grandchildren must attend weekly U.A.Y.A. lessons (currently Tuesdays).
  • Your child/children/grandchildren must take part in Ukrainian folk dance lessons weekly (currently Tuesdays).
  • You must be present to assist the counselor or instructor during weekly meetings/lessons.
  • Your child/children/grandchildren must take part in the two day jamboree called “Zlet” held every Memorial Day weekend during which your child/children competes in the Ukrainian language, in history, drama, group and sport competitions.
  • Your child/children/grandchildren must attend weekly classes (currently Saturdays) at a local or recognized Ukrainian language school.
  • You must provide a minimum of 10 hours of assistance during the preparation and during the running of the annual Ukrainian Heritage Festival held on the grounds of St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church.
  • Your child/children/grandchildren must take part in the yearly “Zdvyh” two day jamboree held every Labor Day weekend.
  • You must attend the U.A.Y.A. annual meeting held every March.

Adjunct Member:

As an Adjunct Member...

You must support all efforts of the Ukrainian American Youth Association - Yonkers Branch, Inc.
You must maintain the payment of the yearly dues of the U.A.Y.A. - Yonkers as the board of the U.A.Y.A. - Yonkers may set.


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About SUMA

SUMA (Yonkers) Federal Credit Union is a full service member owned financial institution with assets in excess of $300,000,000 and over 7,200 members. We have been serving our members in Yonkers, NY, Spring Valley, NY, Stamford, CT, and New Haven, CT and vicinities for over 50 years.

We offer our members:

  • Comparatively higher rates on savings, checking, money market and term share accounts
  • FREE checking (with $50 minimum balance)
  • Competitively lower rates on loans (mortgage, personal, home improvement, vacant land, construction, new and used cars and student loans)
  • Drive-Thru teller window
  • FREE Internet Banking & Bill Pay
  • FREE Mobile Banking (via browser and mobile apps)
  • Interbank money transfers
  • 24 hour surcharge-free ATM within CO-OP network
  • Convenient evening and weekend hours
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • No annual fee VISA Credit, VISA Debit, and ATM Cards
  • Wire transfers
  • Direct deposits
  • Electronic payment systems: Apple Pay, VISA Checkout


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Annual Reports (PDFs)

2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report


Management Team

Board of Directors
Andrew Horbachevsky Chairman
Stephen G. Szulhan 1st Vice Chairman
Steven Kapitula 2nd Vice Chairman
Ihor Makarenko Treasurer & COO
Lubomyr Shchur Secretary
John Olijarczyk Board Member & Supervisory Committee Chairman
Jaroslaw Kiciuk Board Member
Andrij Burchak Board Member
Dr. Orest Kozicky Board Member
Walter Kozicky Honorary Chairman of the Board


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Employee Directory
Name Title Direct Phone Number
(last 4 digits are the extension number)
Roman G. Kozicky President & CEO 914-220-4849
Ihor Makarenko Treasurer & COO 914-220-4855
Stefan Peleschuk, CPA Internal Auditor 914-220-4842
Peter Mul Branch Manager 914-220-4840
Natalia Sharabun Assistant Treasurer & Investment Manager 914-220-4847
Nataliya Kopytchak Senior Accountant 914-220-4845
Maryana Bereziouk Member Service Representative 914-220-4825
Anniyelisis Hirnyk-Vidal Member Service Representative 914-220-4824
Nataliia Marchak Member Service Representative 914-220-48-21
Lidia Rydzanicz Card Program Manager / Member Service Representative 914-220-4823
Iryna Maksymyuk Member Service Representative 914-220-4822
Jerry Hac Loan Director 914-220-4831
Mary Ann Germano Assistant Loan Director 914-220-4826
Khrystyna Babyn Assistant Loan Director 914-220-4832
Yuriy Fizer Chief Electronic Banking Operating Officer / Assistant Branch Manager 914-220-4829
Barbara Kuzemczak IT Administrator / Escrow Administrator 914-220-4828
Iryna Babyn Head Teller 914-220-4834
Mariia Malets Teller 914-220-4835
Lyubov Mikula Teller 914-220-4835
Walter Kozicky Consultant 914-220-4843
Yuriy Mikula Custodian  


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Employee Directory
Name Title Direct Phone Number
(last 4 digits are the extension number)
Maria Zakotiria Branch Manager 914-220-4810
Kristine Didyk-Skalski Assistant Loan Director & Assistant Branch Manager 914-220-4817
Mary Schmahai Member Service Representative 914-220-4819
Tatiana Kukil Head Teller 914-220-4816
Maria Truchan Teller 914-220-4816


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Employee Directory
Name Title
Julie Szozda Branch Manager
Vasyl Dashko Teller
Olga Konstankevich Member Service Representative / Teller
Maria Pendzola Member Service Representative / Teller


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Employee Directory
Name Title Phone Number and Extension
Larysa Korostenska Member Service Representative / Acting Branch Manager 203-969-0498 ext. 12
Tetyana Petrovets Member Service Representative / Teller 203-969-0498 ext. 11
Nataliya Zhara Member Service Representative / Teller 203-969-0498 ext. 14
Svitlana Grymalyuk Teller 203-969-0498 ext. 13


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Employee Directory
Name Title
Svitlana Nakonechna Teller
Larissa Swartwout Teller


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