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SUMA Federal Credit Union is a unique not-for-profit financial institution owned by the people that do business here. Every saver is a member, and every member is an owner!

Credit Union philosophy is based on the idea that more can be accomplished by working together than individually.

We invite you to participate fully in all the cost-saving programs your credit union has to offer, to you and to all your family members.

Your savings are federally insured for up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.

For more information about how your shares are insured, click on the following links:

Earn more when you save. A variety of savings accounts provide convenient and systematic savings and help you put aside funds for your future. No matter what your savings needs are, long or short term, you can build a portfolio that is right for you.

  Term Rate Type Minimum Balance Dividend APY/Rate Minimum Balance Required To Earn APY Penalty Imposed For Early Withdrawal  
Regular Share Accounts N/A Variable $50.00 Click here $50.00 N/A Learn More about Regular Share Accounts
Term Share Certificates 3 months to 5 years Fixed* $1,000.00 Click here $1,000.00 Yes Learn More about Term Share Certificates
No Fee IRA Accounts N/A Variable $50.00 Click here $50.00 Yes Learn More about No Fee IRA Accounts
Money Market Share Accounts N/A Variable $2,500.00 Click here $50.00 N/A Learn More about Money Market Share Accounts
Name-Your-Own Share Account Goal Reached Variable Varies** Varies** Varies** Varies** Learn More about Name-Your-Own Share Account
Custodial Account - It's never too early to start saving Learn More about Custodial Account

 * Rate is fixed for the period of Term Share Certificate
** Rate is dependent upon the type of Name-Your-Own Share Account

Click here for Current Rates

Regular Share Accounts - Each member must hold a savings account with a minimum of $50. It is dividend bearing and may be accessed via Internet or Mobile Banking. There are no limitations on quantity of withdrawals and deposits. Certain restrictions may apply as to the amounts of cash withdrawals and electronic inter-institutional transfers. Please, consult with the Member Service Department.

Term Share Certificates Higher rate of earnings are available with Term Share Certificate of Deposit Accounts. We offer terms from 3 months to 5 years with a minimum opening balance of $1,000.00. Early withdrawal penalty applies.

No Fee IRA Accounts We offer regular IRAs, Roth IRAs and Coverdell Education IRAs at no fee. Minimum required deposit is $50.00.

Money Market Share Accounts Higher rate of earnings are available with Money Market Accounts. The minimum opening balance is $2,500.00. Dividends are paid on amounts down to $50.00. We allow 3 withdrawals and 3 transfers per month. Money Market Minimum Balance Fee and Money Market over the limit fee (Reg D) apply. Check the fee schedule. This account may be accessed via Internet or Mobile Banking.

Name-Your-Own Share Accounts You can name your additional Regular Share Accounts, Term Share Certificates, Money Market Share Accounts or Checking Accounts the way you like: for instance, "Wedding Fund," "Mad Money," "Summer Vacation," etc. Your imagination is the limit! You choose the cause and we help you to save for it! The minimum balance to open is $50.00 for Regular Share Accounts, $250.00 for Checking Accounts, $1,000.00 for Term Share Certificates, and $2,500.00 for Money Market Share Accounts. You may even setup automatic periodic deposits from your SUMA Savings, Checking or Money Market accounts until you reach your goal, except for Term Share Certificates.

Custodial Accounts Start saving money for your children. Or teach them good saving habits while they earn dividends on their deposits. A custodian* controls all transactions. Regular Share Accounts, Money Market Share Accounts, Coverdell Education IRAs, and Term Share Certificates may be opened on behalf of a minor.
*Custodian must be a SUMA FCU member.

Free Share Life Insurance From Securian Life Insurance on your regular shares, up to $2,000, depending on age and amount of savings. In the event of a joint account, only the first person receives the benefit.


Savings Bonds - Purchase electronic securities directly from the U.S. Treasury.

Click here to access the U.S. Treasury website.