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We hope you and your families are well and healthy.

Most transactions can quickly and easily be done via our mobile and online banking applications though we happily remain ready for you at one of our branches for more complex items that you may want to do in person. Feel free to call or send us a text to 914.220.4900 with any questions.
Here is the latest news from SUMA FCU:

SUMA Federal Credit Union held its 60th annual meeting on Saturday, April 27th, 2024 at St Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church, 21 Shonnard Place, Yonkers, New York. 

For the complete report from the event, visit our Annual Meeting page.
We are proud to announce that we are expanding our operations – two new branches to open - one in St. Petersburg and North Port, FL.
The branches are scheduled to open in the 1st quarter of 2024.
We look forward to working with both of the thriving Ukrainian communities in Florida.
Call or text 914-220-4900 for any questions about the branches.

North Port Branch address:
5400 S. Biscayne Dr.
Suite A
North Port, FL 34287

St. Petersburg Branch address:
Gateway at Ninth
8950 9th (MLK) St. North
Suite 130
St. Petersburg, Florida 33702

Find the updated widget in our digital banking app:

Member to member transfer photo 3

Now you can:

  1. SCHEDULE transfers
  2. make transfers RECURRING (weekly, monthly, every two weeks, twice a month)
  3. SAVE INFO for future use (save with Nickname)
  4. SELECT the exact account where you would like to make the transfer

Member to member transfer photo 1


You will need to select if transferring to a “S” (Share = Savings or Checking account) or an “L” (Loan)

You will need to also enter the Share ID (must be 4 digits)

Some examples:

  • If your recipient’s Share ID is 1 (savings), enter 0001.
  • If your recipient’s Share ID is 77 (checking), enter 0077.

(Confirm the ID with your recipient as they may have more than one type of share or loan ID.

You can find your IDs in the SUMA Digital Banking app.

Click the hamburger bar > click Accounts and you will find a list as seen below:

Member to member transfer photo 2

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

If you’re headed off to college soon, we’re here to help you cover those expenses.

SUMA FCU’s new student loan marketplace offers competitive rates, flexible repayment options, and absolutely zero fees – and, of course, personalized member service for you and your family.

Click below to find your next steps.

For info on our student loan program

To start a student loan search

You may have noticed a new service in your SUMA digital banking app:

My Credit

- See your credit score, review your account and history, and simulate ways to improve your credit score.

photo of digital app showing My Credit Score and Plinqit widgets

The widget should automatically appear at the bottom of your SUMA FCU digital banking app.

If you don’t see it, add them by clicking on the “Organize dashboard” button at the bottom and then click “Add a card” button and find/add them there.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us for assistance.

We added a new service for our digital banking users – the ability to quickly and easily switch your direct deposits so that they are electronically sent to your SUMA FCU account.

1) This is what the new tile looks like in our digital banking app:

Direct Deposit Switch procedure as seen in SUMA digital banking - the widget to click to start the process

2) After clicking on the “Set up direct deposit” button, a new window opens confirming what is and what is not accessed during this process:

Direct Deposit Switch as seen in SUMA digital banking - page shows access to personal info is minimal

3) After clicking the “Continue” button, you will see a list of your SUMA FCU shares that you can select as the final destination of your direct deposit:
Direct Deposit Switch procedure as seen in SUMA digital banking - selection of share accounts

4) After choosing a share and clicking “Next”, a new window will show you a list of popular payroll providers, employers, and agencies from which to choose or, if not listed, you can search for yours:
Direct Deposit Switch as seen in SUMA digital banking - list of popular paycheck providers

5) After choosing your direct deposit provider, you will see a login window to your provider:

Direct Deposit Switch in SUMA digital banking - payroll processor's sign up page

6) After successful login, the “Confirm” button appears - once clicked, the switch is performed:

Direct Deposit Switch as seen in SUMA digital banking - confirmation page example

Note: It may take 1 or 2 payroll cycles (depending on the employer/agency) for a switch to complete.

Some payroll providers, employers, or government agencies may require additional verification steps.

If you provider is not listed, reach out to us. We can provide paperwork that you can show your company's HR department to speed up the desired direct deposit switch.

Feel free to contact us, at any point through the process, if you have any questions.

Save money, time and don't let invoicing and payments get in the way of running your small business or non-profit organization!

Integrated invoicing and online payment acceptance is now available for small and micro businesses through Autobooks within your SUMA FCU Digital banking (Opens in a new Window) application - with no monthly fees.
Click to learn more
Your can start the quick and easy registration process by clicking on one of the "Accept a Payment" options found in your mobile or online SUMA FCU application. Minutes later you are ready to send your first invoice or estimate as well as accept payments and donations - without any monthly fees.
Autobooks widget within SUAM FCU Online banking home page
Contact us if you have any questions regarding implementation or to allow us to show you how SUMA FCU's Autobooks can help your business.
QR feature in SUMA's digital banking Autobooks app
QR codes are now available as a way to get paid by your customers through your payment form. Access your unique and reusable code right now -- just click 'Accept a Payment' from your online banking dashboard and select 'QR code' as your option.

This means that you can now easily share your unique QR code with paying customers, and continue to reuse the same QR code as the need arises.
Sign up through your SUMA FCU digital banking app.
Questions? Reach out to us and let us help.
We have upgraded the interface for electronic documents located within your SUMA FCU Online or Mobile Banking Applications.

Comparison of the original and upgrated layout for the SUMA FCU document integration
All your statements and tax documentation can be found by:

1) Clicking on the Documents button on your widget bar

Location of Documents in SUMA mobile app

2) or you can find a link in any account you may be reviewing

Alternate location of Documents in SUMA mobile app

The main advantages of this new interface:

  • Easier to navigate
  • ADA compliant – more user friendly to people with disabilities
  • More secure due to upgraded technology
  • Additional modern technology (e.g.- HTML-enriched email reminders and the possibility to enrich electronic documents with clickable links, embedded images and videos)
To make your usage of the service easier and more user friendly, we have automated the enrollment process of your shares for Mobile check deposit.

Whereas before you had to request your shares to be enrolled manually, now all your eligible shares will show up in the Mobile check deposit menu automatically.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our Member Service Dept. via SMS/phone call at 914-220-4900, email to or through the Messages feature of this app.

We just enabled a Principal Only Loan Payments option in our SUMA FCU Online & Mobile Banking platforms

To make either a one-time or recurring principal loan payment:

  • Go to the TRANSFER tab
  • Choose your From share account to fund the payment
  • Choose the To loan account you wish to pay
  • Input the Amount of your payment
  • Expand the More Options menu
  • Change the Type from the drop-down from “Regular” to “Principal Only”
  • Change your Frequency (default is Once) and Date (default is Soonest available) options, if applicable
  • Then hit the “Submit” button!

This is how the Transfer page with the “Principal only” feature chosen looks like in SUMA FCU Mobile app:

mobile banking page showing how to make a principal only loan payment

This is how the Transfer page with the “Principal only” feature chosen looks like in SUMA FCU Online Banking:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our loan department or our member service departments for assistance.

Bad threat actors continue to be very active and attempt to take advantage of everyone to commit fraud. SUMA FCU, in collaboration with its top-rated cybersecurity partners, is now offering its Cyberthreat Prevention webpage with the very latest in digital security topics to keep you aware of current issues and to hopefully protect you so that you can avoid the many pitfalls.

Example of the location to click on our cyber security webpage to sign up for our cyber security newsletter

SIGN UP to receive a weekly email with the latest information to keep you up-to-date

Once clicked, fill in your email address and a verification phrase in the popup.

Note: the verification phrase that you personally selected will be shown at the top of future cyber info emails - providing you confidence that you can click on the story links.

Example of sign-up popup found on our cyber security webpage